to a land of everyday magic, where everyone can accomplish the superhuman or supernatural. A man can become a bear or see the future. A woman can soar like an eagle or hear a whisper through a wall. Here, romance and adventure await…

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B. C. Marine’s superpowered romantic fantasy is heavily influenced by the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and two sons. Hairdresser by day and full-time mother all the time, she sometimes has to negotiate with her family to get time to write, and the scenic views of Western Washington provide plenty of inspiration for her settings. She loves knitting and spends far too much time researching for her stories.

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brandipromoComing December 7th, 2016!

“Her Dearest Treasure”, a short retelling of “The Peasant’s Clever Daughter” will be featured in the JL Anthology From the Tales of Old: A Collection of Fairy Tale Retellingsavailable on Amazon.


In this international collection, new life is given to fairy tales, both classic and obscure.

Mythical creatures put the fairy in Fairy Tale. Mermaids, selkies, and ocean guardians experience the best and worst of humanity; sisters encounter an unusually friendly bear; a brave bride meets a silly goose; and a spinner of gold sets the record straight.

Urban fantasies modernize classics: a Frenchman learns the truth about magic, his past, and his girlfriend; a girl sets out to find love but receives a curse; and today’s naughty list makes Old Saint Nick not-so-jolly.

New worlds bring a fresh sense of wonder! In the future, a young woman fights for her people and herself; a bastard son finds acceptance in a world ruled by women; and a farmer’s wits win the heart of a frosty king.

Discover unexpected twists on old favorites, and fall in love with new tales and worlds to explore!


To be announced…

 A Seer’s Daughter, a novel

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