to a land of everyday magic, where everyone can accomplish the superhuman or supernatural. A man can become a bear or see the future. A woman can soar like an eagle or hear a whisper through a wall. Here, romance and adventure await…

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B. C. Marine’s Ballads of Carum Sound are heavily influenced by the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and two sons. The scenic views of Puget Sound and the Cascades provide plenty of inspiration for her superpowered romantic fantasies. A Western Washington University alumna and former cosmetologist turned work-at-home mom, she writes in between family life and work for A4A Publishing. She loves knitting and spends far too much time researching for her stories.

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JLA5WebBannerbrandipromoa short retelling of “The Peasant’s Clever Daughter” featured in the JL Anthology Volume I From the Tales of Old: A Collection of Fairy Tale Retellingsavailable on Amazon.

BrandiPromo4a short retelling of Beauty and the Beast featured in the JL Anthology Volume IV Of Legend and Lore: A Collection of Fairy Tale Retellingsavailable on Amazon.

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Coming February 2019:

“I Loved You Tomorrow”

A mindreader meets a woman who sees the future—a future they are meant to share.

A Seer’s Daughter

Two forbidden lovers share the rare gift to heal others with a kiss—but at a cost.

Enchanted healer Odelia’s life has been a lie. Her father hid his visions of her future as the leader of a bloody civil war. When she uncovers the truth, she must decide whether to forsake her people or embrace a destiny that would pit her against the current heir to the throne…the man she loves.

Prince Kennard doesn’t want to take after his father, as a king or a man, whereas the shape-shifting tyrant sees his son as weak. With every choice they make, the spirited prince and the inflexible king pull further apart. Kennard takes an active role at court, enlisting his friend Odelia’s aid—unaware of her destined betrayal. Helping him build his royal retinue and find a bride will force her to bury her feelings and will bring his to the surface.

Amidst culture clashes and threats of war, Odelia and Kennard navigate a world where power always has a price. If they choose the wrong paths, they could destroy not only their hearts but lives and nations.

And a kiss might not be strong enough to save them…

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